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Getting Started with GoAPI!

The complete documentation of all APIs offered by GoAPI!


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Getting started

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Making your first request

To make your first Midjourney API request, send an authenticated request to the following endpoint, and you will get a response shortly afterwards. Find a list of GoAPI's available domains here.



The Midjounrey API imagine endpoint generates up to 4 images from a text prompt.


X-API-KEYstring✔️Your API Key used for request authorization
promptstring✔️The prompt for image processing
skip_prompt_checkbooleanbypass internal prompt validation process default value: False
aspect_ratiostringAspect ratio of the image default value: 1:1
process_modestringWhich mode to use for processing valid values: relax/mixed/fast/turbo
webhook_endpointstringSend a request to the address contained in the string for task completion notification. It must be in the form of https://domain and only port 443 can be used. No request will be sent if left blank
webhook_secretstringPassed as the x-webhook-secret field in the headers during the request. The default value is empty.

Response Codes:

200: OK
Successful Response
400: Bad Request
The request format does not meet the requirements.
401: Unauthorized
The API key is incorrect
500: Internal Server Error
Service is experiencing an error

Example Request

import requests
endpoint = ""
headers = {
data = {
    "prompt": "a cute cat",
    "aspect_ratio": "4:3",
    "process_mode": "mixed",
    "webhook_endpoint": "",
    "webhook_secret": ""
response =, headers=headers, json=data)

Example Response

    "task_id": "807400b9-9d79-465b-8ecc-eecb7419dbbc",
    "status": "success",
    "message": ""

GoAPI Domains

Here are the available domains for all of our API endpoints. we recommend you to experiment with all of them below and choose one or more based on your program & location:

Primary Domainapi.goapi.aiThe most recommended domain for all api request
Secondary Domainapi.goapi.xyzThe backup domain with all api endpoint available
Secondary Domainapi.midjourneyapi.xyzThe backup domain with all api endpoint available
Special Domainproxy.goapi.xyzDomain that is improved for long wait response. If you have long halt GPT request, use this domain