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GoAPI provides GPT API for your development needs, you can now add GPTs, along with all its capabilities and features, into your own app, projects, or websites. Sign up now and happy integrating!

Graphics demonstrating how GoAPI's GPT API works by bridging OpenAI's GPT store with users.

Our Pricing Plans

BYOA (Bring-Your-Own-Account)

If you have your own ChatGPT Plus account, subscribe to our BYOA seat to host your own account for $5/month/seat !

Easy set up
Bind multiple accounts
Create and use your own GPTs
Access to GPT-4
Plus Account limit applies
ChatGPT Plus account not included

PPU (Pay-Per-Use)

Get started with GPTs without your own ChatGPT Plus account!

Subscribe to GoAPI’s paid plans

From $8/month

Create new multimodal conversation

$0.03/each conversation

One round of conversation*


Upload or download files


Create your own GPT


Re-configure a GPT


Supported Functions and Features

Multimodal Conversations

Chat with GPT-4 or any other GPTs with multiple types of inputs and outputs

Web Browsing

Giving the language model access to information on the web


Create unique images from conversations by describing your vision or even revisions

Code Interpreter

Allow users to perform visualisations, analyse complex datasets, or access rich python libraries

GPT-4 Vision

Allows the mode to take in images and answer questions about the input images

Create your GPTs

Setup instructions, upload knowledge files, configure its capabilities such as web-browsing, DALLE, or Code Intepreter

Built-in load balancer
Completely Captcha free
Conversation Management
Reverse proxy ChatGPT backend API

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