BYOA Backup Account

BYOA | Back-up Account

Explaining what a back-up account is and how you can use it to improve reliability for your Midjourney API service.

There might a time when your own Midjourney account suddenly runs out of fast hours or the subscription might have gone expired. You of course want to limit the impact of these potential sudden stops to your Midjourney API service, and that is when back-up account(s) comes in handy:

  • Add your back-up account in your BYOA settings as you would with any normal BYOA account, just remember to switch the backup on.
  • The back-up account won't process any job unless one of the following two scenarios occurs:
    • None of the active Midjourney accounts have any more fast hours;
    • There's no active account at that moment.
  • All the back-up account(s) will be activated at the same time;
  • After back-up accounts are activated, these back-up accounts will process tasks like normal account.
    • You will be able to change its active period and/or weights from that moment on.
    • You will not be able to reset this account to back-up state again (unless you delete the account and re-add again).