Listing out various guidelines for Midjourney API PPU users to ensure appropriate usage of the shared account pools.
These guidelines only apply to Midjourney API PPU users, they do not apply to Midjourney API BYOA users.
(What is PPU and what is BYOA? Click here to find out more.)

Bulk Generation Service

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Error Task Penalty

Penalty for GoAPI user who submitted tasks that Midjourney would considered to be incorrect. This only applies to PPU users.

Types of incorrect tasks include:

  1. Banned image prompts
  2. Request cancelled due to image filters
  3. Prompts with banned keywords
  4. Empty prompts
  5. Invalid prompts
  6. Invalid parameter
  7. Invalid link

Daily Incorrect Tasks Limit

Subscription Plan# of incorrect
task/day allowed
If exceeding the allowed number:
Hobbyist Plan30 incorrect tasks / dayCan no longer submit any PPU tasks for the day
Developer Plan & Premium Plan60 incorrect tasks / dayEvery additional incorrect task's frozen credits will not be returned.
  • Each day will start and end as per UTC time zone (i.e. London England time zone).

Relax Task Penalty

Penalty for GoAPI user who submitted a high volumn of relax tasks in a short period. This will lead to significant performance issue on the entire PPU operation. This penalty only applies to PPU users.

Daily Relax Tasks Limit

Subscription PlanDaily Relax Task Limit
Hobbyist Plan100 relax tasks / day
Developer Plan500 relax tasks / day
Premium Plan1500 relax tasks / day
  • What should I do if I need additional relax jobs per day?
    For every successful fast or turbo imagine or blend task submitted in the day, you will get one additional relax job limit for the day, applicable for an imagine task or a blend task.
  • What happens if I exceed the number of allowed relax jobs per day?
    For every relax job submitted above your daily relax job limit, the cost of that relax job will double.
  • Why do we limit the number of relax task for our PPU users?
    Firstly, Midjourney tends to ban accounts with just relax jobs.
    Secondly, relax job takes much longer processing time compared to fast tasks, thus users who submit large amount of relax tasks will significantly slow down our entire PPU operation, causing unbearably long pending time for other users.
  • Each day will start and end as per UTC time zone (i.e. London England time zone).