Prompt Checker

Prompt Checker

Banned Word Checker

To check if there are banned words in your prompt. This banned words list will be updated every day. For more background info, please refer to midjourney-api-prompt-checker .



The validation endpoint verifies their prompts against our predefined checks without triggering the imagine request.


promptstring✔️prompt for image processing

Response Codes:

200: OK
Successful Response
400: Bad Request
The request format does not meet the requirements.
401: Unauthorized
The API key is incorrect
500: Internal Server Error
Service is experiencing an error

Example Request

import requests
endpoint = ""
data = {
    "prompt": "a cute cat"
response =, json=data)

Check sensitive words

  "Prompt": "",
  "ErrorMessage": "Banned Prompt: {corresponding banned word}",
  "AspectRatio": ""

Check parameter validation

The valid parameter should exist within the approved midjourney-parameter-list.

    "Prompt": "",
    "ErrorMessage": "Unrecognized Param: {incorrect parameter name}",
    "AspectRatio": ""

Verify parameter value

    "Prompt": "",
    "ErrorMessage": "Invalid Param Value: {Incorrect parameter name - parameter value}",
    "AspectRatio": ""

Skip Prompt Checker

If you want to skip the prompt checker, you can set the skip_prompt_check parameter to true to skip the prompt checker (if you are PPU user, you can only skip prompt checker if you are on Developer Plan or above. BYOA users can skip prompt checker even on Hobbyist Free Plan).