BYOA Debug Checklist

BYOA | Debug Checklist

  1. When there is a problem with your BYOA service, please use this checklist to troubleshoot before contacting GoAPI.
  2. Most problems are related to using an invalid Discord Authorization Token. Thus, you can directly skip to step #5 to check whether your Discord Auth Token is valid.

1. Is your Midjourney set to use BYOA or PPU?

Go to (opens in a new tab), and check whether your Midjourney API service is set to PPU or BYOA mode (see the toggle).

screenshot illustrating the BYOA vs PPU Toggle on the GoAPI Dashboard for Midjourney API

2. Are you using the correct API Key?

Go to (opens in a new tab) and compare the first three numbers of the API Key shown on the dashboard to the API Key that you are using to make API calls. If they don't match that means you don't have the correct key. In that case, just reset the API Key and use the new one.

3. Is your account inactive right now?

Go to (opens in a new tab) and check for the active period setting of your Midjourney account(s).
Note: The time zone on the Dashboard is London UK time (UTC), please convert to your local time zone as needed.

screenshot showing how user's account will  look like when the user has successfully connected their Midjourney Account to GoAPI's BYOA seat

4. Is your MJ account working normally?

Please log in to your Discord account with your valid Midjourney Subscription and type "/settings" to your Midjourney Bot.

  1. Has your account been blocked?
  2. If your task submitted was under fast mode, does your account still have fast hour left?
  3. If your task submitted was under relax mode, does your account have relax hour left? For example, the Basic Plan (the $10 Plan) does not have relaxed hour.

screenshot showing Midjourey's basic subscription ($10/month) and that it does not have any relax GPU hour

5. Is the Discord Token used to connect your Midjourney account valid?

  1. First, you should record down the Discord Authorization Token that was used to connect your Midjourney account to the BYOA seat when you were binding them; because if you don't record it then, you won't be able to see it after the binding process. In this case, you can only delete the account and rebind the Midjourney account.

  2. Then, you could use a Google Chrome plug-in such as (opens in a new tab) to try to log into your Discord account with your recorded Discord Authorization Token, to verify whether the Token is valid.
    If you are using the recommended plug-in mentioned above:

    • After installing the plug-in in Google Chrome, please use a new incognito window that has not been logged onto any discord account for this test.
    • Please make sure you are on (opens in a new tab) before you try to use the plug-in to login to Discord.
    • After logging in to Discord, please make sure that you do not log out of the discord account as the discord auth token will change after logging out of Discord! Just use an incognito mode (such as Google Chrome Incognito) to login; and after you are done, just close the browser, you don't need to log out of Discord.

6. Can you successfully message the Midjourney bot to submit a job?

  1. Please submit a task to Midjourney in Discord first. Is it working? If so, continue to the next step.
  2. If you are submitting jobs to the Midjourney bot in Direct Message, then just fill out info below without needing to worry about the Channel ID and the Guild ID in the "advanced settings".

screenshot illustrating the window  to bind Discord Authorization Token

  1. If you are submitting jobs to a Midjourney bot in a channel instead of Direct Message, then you would need to bind the appropriate Channel ID and Guild ID along with your Discord Authorization Token.

screenshot illustrating the window  to bind Discord Authorization Token along with Channel ID and GuilID

7. Last measures

If you followed all the steps above and made sure everything is fine (including the Midjourney account), and yet when you submit a job through API it still says:

  1. "no active bot", please
  • change its load weight to something else and change it back to its original setting; and
  • change its active period to something random, and change it back to the desired, correct setting.

  1. "Subscription expired", please
  • go to the corresponding Discord account and type '/info' prompt to the Midjourney Bot;

And try submitting another task through the API again. If it still does not work, please contact GoAPI in Discord .