Why should you use GoAPI's Midjourney API :)

Posted on 2023/11/23 by GoAPI

Hi there!

As some of you might know, with the explosion of different generative AI tools at the beginning of year, we decided to start the GoAPI project, with the endgoal of wanting to deliver the most cost-effective and stable AI APIs in mind.

As we have been working on this for some time, we'd like to use this opportunity to lay out some of the best parts about our Midjourney API service, as a way to attract new users; and more importantly, as a gentle reminder of a 'job-well-done' for our own team.

PPU - first, largest, most cost-effective, and most stable, by far!

First off, what is PPU and what is BYOA?

PPU (Pay-Per-Use)

Get started ASAP without your own Midjourney account.

Usually cheaper than the BYOA option.

Don’t have to worry about Midjourney account getting banned.

Graphics of how GoAPI's Midjourney API PPU plan works

BYOA (Bring-Your-Own-Account

GoAPI will host your own Midjourney account for the API.

All tasks will be processed by your Midjourney account(s).

Graphics on how GoAPI's Midjourney API BYOA plan works

(p.s. yes we were the one who came up with these super nerdy acronyms in case you were wondering)

1. We currently provide the largest MJ API PPU service.

2. Our PPU service is the most cost-effective , due to economy of scale.

3. Our PPU service is by far the most stable , as we've had the most experience.

How would you, as an average user, know that GoAPI has the most experience in running API PPU service?

Because we are the team who wrote the most comprehensive article circulating on the web 'How to avoid getting banned from Midjourney'.

As you can imagine, only the team who has had extensive experience in operating their own Midjourney accounts pool would come up with such a detailed lessons-learned on the ways preventing account banning!

How to avoid getting banned by Midjourney by GoAPI

BYOA - biggest, tested, and the best value service!

First, we are a firm believer that if an API provider does not provide PPU or provides poor PPU service quality, then their BYOA code base is not battle-tested , therefore cannot provide the best level of protection against banning , as this is the primary concern of API users.

Comparison between PPU and BYOA
Midjourney V6 Model Annoucement in Midjourney's Discord Channel

2. With $10/month for the first BYOA seat and $6 for additional seats, we are the most cost effective API on the market!

3. Largest BYOA operation- Our BYOA users run the biggest BYOA operations out there (50+ Midjourney account per client)!

a. These enterprise-level clients have asked us to provide dashboard to monitor their account and we know we are the only one providing dashboards like these!

GoAPI's Midjourney Dashboard

b. Many enterprise clients have asked us to operate their Midjourney accounts pool for them as these are quite technical and laborious operations (as this article suggests). Since we don't provide this service, we had to look for operation teams like these who can provide Midjourney Accounts Management Services ! Again, we are the first to do this, and it is only because we provide services to the largest clients!

Openness (i.e. = confidence in knowing that we are best!)

We let our users openly talk about the pros and cons of our services compared to others in our Discord channel; as we know that we provide the best service in town and we strive to continually be the best, our user's feedback is critical for us to maintain our competitiveness!

Free to try!

Sign up for our dashboard to get free credits to try out our API immediately ( https://docs.goapi.ai/docs/midjourney-api/midjourney-api-v2 ) If you like how our system fits into your development roadmap, you could top up in the same dashboard and continue using our service! You could also earn extra credits by inviting your friends at:https://dashboard.goapi.ai/referral!

What our user are saying about our service!

Check out the feedback from our users, as some of them have tried all the other API services on the market!

Plaudits from GoAPI's Midjourney API users

Other AI APIs!

GoAPI also provides a whole suite of other AI APIs, serving as the perfect one-stop-shop for developers as you are building out your AI application!

Midjourney ✅

Stable Diffusion ✅

GPT-3.5 ✅

GPT-4 ✅

GPT-4-Turbo ✅

GPT-4-Vision ✅

DALLE-3 (stay tuned!)

Moonvalley︎ (stay tuned!)

And above is a list of reasons for why you should really check out GoAPI for your API needs!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or collaboration ideas, please join our Discord channel and chat!