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Suno API

GoAPI provides an unofficial, simple, cost-effective Suno API for your applications. As an independent project not related to Suno, our API will elevate your generative AI apps/websites with unparalleled text-to-music generation capabilities!

Two Options

Option 1: Use our Suno accounts (the “PPU” option)

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Use our Suno accounts! This is also called the PPU (pay-per-use) option. Just sign up, top up, and start integrating now!

Option 2: Use your Suno accounts (the “BYOA” option)

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We can host your Suno accounts! This is also called the BYOA (Bring-Your-Own Account) option. You won’t be waiting in line for others’ tasks to finish before your task start, and the concurrency limit will be as per your account(s)!

Our Pricing Plans

Option 1:PPU (Pay-Per-Use)

Generation API Call


per generation

Continue API Call


per continue

Lyric Generation


per generation

Hobbyist Plan
Developer Plan
Premium Plan
Create API Call
Continue API Call
Lyrics Generation
Concurrent Generations

* For Developers Plan or above only.

Feature coming soon.

Option 2: BYOA(Bring-Your-Own-Account)

two BYOA seats for $5/month

Bind your own Suno Accounts

Full access to all Suno API features

Full access to all Suno API endpoints

Our Features

V3 model supported!
Unlimited music generation
Asynchronous calls
Lyrics generations!
“Continue” feature supported
Full access to API features
High concurrency
BYOA coming soon!

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